Melly Lee (李珮連) is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist specializing in portrait photography and high-end retouching. She received a BA in Studio Arts from the University of California, Irvine. As a first generation Asian American who grew up in Orange County during the 90s, Melly draws inspiration from her upbringing to create visual narratives that illuminate and elevate underrepresented communities.

Melly's creative approach involves careful observation, meticulous planning, and effective execution. She places a high value on efficiency and always measures twice and cuts once —even when working under tight deadlines or strict NDAs.

When Melly is not pursuing her creative endeavors, she recharges by exploring nature and pushing her limits. Her passion for hiking and rock climbing reflects her adventurous spirit and serves as a source of inspiration for her artistic work. Whether scaling a cliff or capturing a stunning vista, Melly is always seeking new perspectives and ways to connect with the world around her. 



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Buzzfeed, California Department of Public Health, Gamestop, Google, Ford, Forever 21, Footlocker, HarperCollins Publishers, Herschel Supply Co, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, Jins, KEEN, LEGO, Marvel, UNIQLO, Warner Bros., Verizon


AV Squad, Amazon Studios, Apple, BOND, Disney+, Equinox, HBO Max, Häagen-Dazs, InStyle, Lindeman and Associates, Lululemon, Marvel Studios, Netflix, Original Penguin, Peacock, Perry Ellis International, Rhubarb, Teen Vogue, Warner Bros, Wonderland


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